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2023, sept 20. - Hotfix release

-Fixed escape key interaction with right click menus
-Right clicking in right click local menus will open the menu element (requested by analog_programmer).
-Shutdown and reboot commands are now executed when requested in the DOS version (reported by analog_programmer).
-Fixed Manual and Automatic aspect ratio/resolution radio button status (reported by analog_programmer).

2023, sept 08. - Hotfix release

-Enabled system realloc to be fully utilized
-Fixed icons in Tools and System menu.
-New game icon added for file types (d64, t64, nes, prg, nds, iso, and so on)
-Fixed C and H file icons
-Added experimental support for PIF and LNK files.
-Fixed icons for MP4, WMV, VMA, MPEG and MKV files.
-Fixed missing CRTL+A hotkey functionality for file browser
-Fixed missing CRTL+ALT+PGUP and PGDOWN functionality for text editor and file browser.
-Fixed missing DOS binding for Shift+UP/LEFT/RIGHT/DOWN hotkeys.
-Added hourglass animation when loading text files.
-Fixed a sound memory size bug causing crash in some cases (reported by analog_programmer).
-Shift+Escape will bring the start menu up (requested by appiah4).
-Fixed garbled ini file when saving sound settings.
-Fixed a crash when pressing CRTL+A in terminal.
-Fixed a bug when saving extension assignations.
-AVI file format is now properly detected before attempting to play it with the internal video player
-Several DOS key bindings were fixed.

2023, sept 01. - Translations and bugfixes

-10% faster rendering speed
-Added new EGA and Hercules code
-Clearing tree information from memory when explorer process exits.
-Fixed stability issues when reading ini file at start
-GUI password protection is implemented, and can be enabled.
-Multi-language update: translations are now possible.
Error message translation system is not yet added - it will be added later.
-Added Hungarian language.
-Added a new wallpaper (public domain).
-Fixed the hang of wallpaper slideshow if bad image file was opened.
-Fixed the hang of slideshow in image viewer, if bad image file was opened.
-Open Recent menu is fixed and working.
-Terminal will remember old commands (left cursor key).
-Per-application level sond volume control bugs fixed.
-Screen locking functionality was missing in start menu.
-Fixed a bug causing crash when opening blank file in file browser.
-Ethernet and wifi management implemented (dusabled under DOS)
-Missing escape key functionality implemented in file browser.
-System configuration applet was missing from start menu.
-Performance is increased, when files are ordered by name.
-Bug fixed: file dates in a specific line were flickering in the file explorer sometimes.
-Auto-reordering implemented, when clicking on a window that has an active file browser subwindow.
-File browser implemented for directories.
-Fixed some memory garbage when saving configuration ini file in DOS mode.

2023, march 01. - Big updates

-Left side panel with directory tree structure is now finally implemented and working.
-The GUI system displays the changes in real time, when moving, copying, deleting files and directories around.
-Fixed a bug resulting crash, when pressing cursor keys when the software was loading.
-Image preview sizes are now limited by the RAM size.
-Fixed a bug when pressing cursor keys when the software was loading.
-Fixed a bug when displaying long files names with international letters.
-Directory side panel can be toggled on and off.
-Disk drives can be unmounted and ejected (not in the DOS version).
-Fixed missing icon styles when browsing My Computer.
-Fixed several bugs resulting accidental directory selection.
-Fixed a bug that resulted the file explorer to update even when it shouldn't.
-Fixed a performance related bug when reading large directories from DVD drives. The system now stays more responsive than before.
-The system will now poll for new drives less frequently.
-The preview engine will not engage until a copy to the given directory finishes.
-Added support to detach and eject the disks (not under DOS).
-Fixed a bug causing the preview engine to accidentally activate when selecting files.
-When reading or writing to floppy disk, the system will use smaller data chunks.
-Better detection of auto-opening files with known extensions.
-The program will automatically ask for a program to open files with unknown extensions.
-Directory display area resizer now reacts faster.

2023, feb 01. - Hotfix release

-When running programs from file browser, the system will properly change the working directory
according to the path of the executable file. (Bug reported by Plasma.)
-Fine-tuned the ALU and FPU benchmarking in the Infoformation panel, which will be more accurate from now on.
-Fixed a bug when pressing buttons on a minimized window - button push events will not be sent.

2023, jan 25. - Compression, decompression, bugfix

-Added support for file compression
-Added support for file decompression
-Currently, 7z, zip, arj, rar is supported.
-You must download and install the compressor program separately, as Xcom doesn't have the compressor built in.
Be sure to insert the compressor and decompressor programs in the PATH.
Infozip (zip232x.zip) and unz552x3 are tested and recommended as a compression/decompression program.
-Switching the drive letter now works properly in the terminal.
-Fixed a graphics glitch when opening the exit menu from the start menu.
-File finder now opens properly from the start menu.
-Removed non-working legacy elements from the menu.
-Changed the width of the right-click menu.
-Upper-case dos style CD command now works in the terminal.

2022, dec 01. - New features, and bugfix

-Increased rendering speed by 20%
-Increased text rendering speed when using long lines
-Selecting text on the left edge behaved strangely.
-Terminal now supports colored text output.
-Terminal can limit the number of lines to preserve memory.
-Memory garbage fixed when typing a lot of text, and the fps was low.
-Fixed a crash in the console.
-The terminal preserves the text on the screen on return.
-Increased the rendering speed of colored text.
-Internal programs failed to open complex file paths in some situations.
-File name text field is now properly scissored, when opening and saving files.
-Fixed a bug which sometimes started to select files when
opening programs with double click.
-Added C syntax highlight in the editor.
-Added some basic HTML syntax highlight in the editor.
-Fixed a bug causing hanging lines when rolling sideways in the text editor.
-Fixed a bug with sideways scroll bars.
-Line length truncation is added to the text editor when opening files.
-Text editor scroll bar vibration is fixed.
-Terminal now rolls upwards and downwards on mouse selection.
-Terminal stability issues when deleting texts are fixed.
-Missing prompt issue fixed in terminal in some cases.
-Keyboard now focuses on the opening file assignation window by default.

2022, aug 10. - Bugfixes and new graphics modes

-Enabled virtual keyboard
-Fixed a problem with typematic delay
-The chess is now playable with a keyboard.
-Added 1 bit black and white mode for non-SVGA cards
(requires at least 64 KByte video memory)

-Fixed a crash when pressing hotkeys in iconless windows.
-Fixed a bug when error messages only reacted to mouse, but
not reacted to any keypress.
-BAT files were refusing to execute on a DOS system.
-From now on, X.COM will be compiled with older DJGPP.
This allows -O3 compilation to work, which gives some extra speed.
-X.COM is now compiled for 486 processors.
For 386, you can continue using x386.com.

2022, june 25. - Fixing some bugs

-Fixed some translation issues in the Properties panel, and
in Resolution settings. (reported by B.Pinguin)
-Fixed a bug caused file dialog panel to hang, when choosing
files with double-click. (reported by B.Pinguin)
-Fixed a bug which could cause system crash.
-Opening file browsing panels from the Text Editor and from
the Paint will now not grey out the main window.
-Paint will display a warning when non-bmp files are being selected.
-System error messages sometimes was hanging outside the window boundaries. (reported by B.Pinguin)
-The paint program was not able to save some files due to a bug. (reported by B.Pinguin)
-Saving BMP files from the Paint program is now 2x faster.
-Cursor hovering on some icons in the Paint was broken.

2022, june 24. - Sound Bugfix

-Sound Blaster code is rewritten. Clicking sounds should be fixed.
-DPMI Memory size detection is fixed.
-Some files will load faster.
-DOS system event timer is rewritten.

2022, june 17. - Bugfix release (still pre-alpha)

-DOS vesion mistakenly attempted to enter CPU energy saving mode.
-Crtl+Left mouse click (when selecting icons) is now implemented.
-Shift+Left mouse click (when selecting icons) is now implemented.
-Icons and text bugs on desktop was fixed when refreshing desktop.
-Some special keys were mistakeny mapped to legitimate unicode letters.
-Alt+Space menu has been implemented.
-Directional cursor sometimes hang when using right-click menus.
-Disk drive lookup on DOS is now implemented properly.
-When copying from/to floppy, the copy process hogs the system less.
-Copying files became generally faster.
-Moving files were sometimes mistakenly displayed as a copying process.
-File name and date issues fixed when browsing some type of directories.
-Selecting files are more snappy now.
-Left ALT key now behaves more like its intended.

2022, april 22.

-The keyboard and mouse input buffer wasted resources, it got optimized.
-GUI mistakenly entered to sleep mode when the GUI was pre-processing sound files.
-Sound preprocessing now stops properly if the calling applet is closed.
-Sound gets properly stopped when the system exits.
-Frame buffer access got more optimized when only tiny chunks are being redrawn.

2022, april 20. - Pre-alpha release

-Public pre-alpha release for the DOS version. Please note: this is a pre-alpha release, bugs
can be expected - but it still should start up, work, allow you to do the basic tasks.
-386DX, 486DX CPU or above, should work with this release.
-DOS release is compiled with DJGPP.
-At least 16 MByte RAM is recommended, because it seems swapping is bugous in CWSDPMI.
-FPU emulation is enabled, but i can't test it.