User FAQ



2023, jan 24. - Milestone

The DOS version is nearly finished. There are still some bugs and missing features, which
are being constantly repaired. The program will leave the pre-alpha stage, and entering
the alpha-stage very soon. Xcom is a cross-platform GUI system, and in the next phase, most
of the development will go into the under-the-hood parts, and there will be not too many
release in the near future. This does not means the dos version being abandoned, it means
the focus is now goes to the *nix support code, and the new features will be compiled for DOS
later on, if a feature can be deployed for DOS.

2022 june 24.

The program is still in pre-alpha stage. Despite of this, i have fixed multiple bugs.
Please note: this program can be run under Dosbox, but its designed to be run on real
hardware. The user experience under older Dosbox versions are going to be very bad.

2022 april 19.

Website is ready.